Our Integrations
Grubhub’s integrations with industry-leading point-of-sale and online ordering systems provide a flawless multi-channel ordering experience for your guests.
Our teams can build, test, and launch an integration in no time, so you can:
Increase Efficiency
  • No more fumbling with tablets!
  • Fewer human errors
  • Flawless order throughput
  • Minimal employee training
  • Reflect your current menu in real-time
  • Maintain one reporting mechanism
  • Tablet
    Leverage the Grubhub Enterprise Cloud
  • Enable Grubhub-powered delivery in your branded app
  • Test virtual restaurants on Marketplace
  • Extend custom rewards and loyalty
  • Distribute menus to third-party channels like Yelp
  • Menu
    Why should I go direct-to-POS rather than using middleware?
    Menu icon
    Grubhub quickly updates menus, order throttling, and reward or loyalty constructs — no need to wait on the middleman to also make changes.
    Speed icon
    Some middleware providers restart your POS to reconcile errors; a direct integration means flawless in-store operations.
    Delivery icon
    Pickup and delivery ETAs are more accurate.
    Savings icon
    Middleware providers charge additional per-order fees.
    Grubhub’s Integration Partners
    We’re constantly working to build new integrations that work across the full Grubhub Enterprise Cloud. Click below to learn more about the partners that integrate to our different products.
    Marketplace Partners
    Branded Channel Partners
    Branded channels
    What our clients say:
    Choose to build directly to our API for a fully customized path.